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About EM Love

The purpose of EM Love is to reach out to lend a helping hand and try to make a difference.in Namibia. This is by assisting charity organizations both known and unknown by the community and create an awareness around these said organizations. The key aspect is to start somewhere in order to eradicate poverty in Namibia.

The function of Love is Charity is to form a bridge and create a platform for those that want to lend a helping hand to do just that. Companies, organizations, schools, and individuals are urged to come forward and donate. Additionally, there are various initiatives that fall under the foundation.

Our key beneficiaries are less privileged children, care-takers, and street people.

The success of this foundation stems from the assistance it receives from the community, alongside a dire want to help and make a difference.

Vision Statement:
Creating a lasting difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Mission Statement:
Rallying towards the eradication of poverty in Namibia.

Changing the lives of the less fortunate
Uplifting people out of poverty
Eradicating poverty

Our Team Spirit

We focus on clearly defining the goals and activities which we will be embarking on to ensure that we have measurable results. Whether it is by donation, educating and empowering activities or building homes for the poor.

Our Goals & Objectives

To be a leading NGO in the country (Namibia) providing and catering to the less fortunate.

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